Local Area Networks, WAN's & Wi-fi

Network Design, Planning, Implementation & Maintenance
We can design, plan and price a local area network for your business or home office, tailored to your needs and designed using industry-standard techniques for security and data integrity. Our professional network and security team will install, configure, and thoroughly test your network. With our optional maintenance contract, we will keep the network stable and secure.

Case Study: Houston Northwest Medical Center Networks
Matt Crowder, our Senior Network Consultant, recently worked at HNMC as Senior Network Specialist, managing the following network:

1000-node Switched Ethernet Local Area Network, gigabit dual-homed fiber backbone, utilizing hardware-based vlan and Spanning Tree configurations. This network utilized a Gigabit fiberless Ethernet laser connection from satellite building (approx 1/8 mile away) w/100mbit secondary laser backup and long-range 802.11b wep-encrypted radio as third backup, on a separate routed subnet, routing IP and ipx/spx packets. Wide area connection to several private routed IP subnets, utilizing standard and nat-based routing across T1 & ISDN lines, as well as an SDSL-based VPN-firewalled natted public Internet connection. It has Windows 2000 Servers, PDC, multiple NT BDC’s, DHCP Services, etc. NT Domain and Active Directory services. It has a Microsoft Exchange 5.5 Server and Exchange 2000 Server, and 3 Dedicated Microsoft SQL Server servers.

Case Study: Harris County Hospital District Network
For the Harris County Hospital District in Houston, Texas, Matt Crowder was part of the engineering team that set up a WAN comprised of PC Workstations and IBM terminals connected via several LAN’s and IBM 32xx Controllers to the County’s IBM 3090 mainframes. This network spanned three hospitals (Ben Taub, LBJ General Hospital, Quentin Meese) in the Houston area, the County’s Administration offices, and 12 community clinics. The entire network utilized approximately 2,000 IBM terminals, 200 PC workstations, and interconnected 12 LAN’s.


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